Why Yoga?

My interest in yoga was an outcome of a textbook 90s kid life - I grew up believing I had to study hard, do my engineering, get an MBA and then work the corporate grind. It was the recipe for a successful and happy life, or so I was told. So, that is exactly what I did - only to realize years later that the life I had worked so hard towards wasn’t really making me happy, and I definitely did not feel successful. I was constantly working, constantly tired, constantly stressed and constantly anxious. It was then that I turned to yoga - I realized the peace and calm that I felt through my sadhana was incomparable to any sort of feeling of accomplishment that working on a client presentation brought, and I wanted more.

So, I quit my consulting job and went to the Isha Yoga Foundation in Coimbatore. I spent more than 21 weeks - 1750 hours in intensive hatha yoga teacher training at Isha. Each moment brought me closer to myself, and helped me experience yoga in its truest essence. I experienced yoga like never before - understood that it was not merely physical, and that being in the perfect posture was not as important as being in perfect and total involvement.

"Hatha yoga is not body-bending business. It is about taking charge of the way you think, feel, and perceive life."

- Sadhguru

My intention with a l a y a m is to offer classical Hatha Yoga in its full depth and dimension, and in its truest form, just as it was offered to me by my teachers - to whom I bow down with the deepest gratitude and reverence.

Isha Hatha Yoga programs are an unparalleled opportunity to learn practices derived from a yogic tradition maintained in its full purity and vibrancy for thousands of years. I urge you to take a step towards your peace and wellbeing and come and experience an Isha yoga program with us.

Thank you and Pranam 🌻


a l a y a m hatha yoga

Kanika Manchanda